đź‘‹Hi, brave Korean learners!

My name is Ari Lee and I was born and raised in South Korea. Because English is my second-favorite language, I always wanted to be good at it. However, school never taught me how to enjoy English and, in late 2017, I decided to do it on my own. 

I started uploading 1-min videos of me speaking terrible English on Instagram. After I realized 1 min is too short, I started a daily Korean teaching podcast called 'The Legit Korean.' I remember it took a whole day to record the first 5-min-long episode. But after just a few months, I could record, edit and upload an episode in an hour. And I learned two things from my adventure.

Enjoy the process!

First, we need to enjoy the process of learning a language. It doesn't have to be about studying grammar and torturing yourself. Find crazy ways to enjoy the language.(Crazier the better.) It could be uploading videos of you talking about your day in terrible Korean or doing a Korean podcast that only the generous Korean speakers would listen to. (Like I'm doing now) If you find how to enjoy Korean, you'll get better at it.

Helping myself while helping others.

Second, it's good to improve your language skill but what if you can do it while helping others? It's a whole lot cool! That's why I started a Korean teaching podcast, because I wanted to help others learn Korean while practicing my English. It gives you a sense of responsibility and fulfillment to your journey.

These two things are why I made this website, The Legit Korean. In this, I want to keep practicing my English writing blog posts and throwing Korean contests while helping you learn Korean in a fun & crazy way. (Plus, making some money to buy Ttoekbokki)

So let's enjoy learning Korean with me!

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