Listening Test for Kpop Fans
Listening Test for Kpop Fans
Listening Test for Kpop Fans

Listening Test for Kpop Fans

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💪Test your Korean listening skills as a Kpop fan!

Hello, this is Ari, the legit Korean. I'm happy to release Listening Test for Kpop Fans! I know a lot of Korean learners are Kpop fans at the same time so I thought it would be really cool if you can take a listening test filled with relatable questions.

Some of them are:
✅ After listening to the award speech, pick one that the idol didn't give thanks to.
✅ Which part of the concert post is not correct?

Take a 11-min-long test, check correct answers and get your score. You can also check the Korean script with English translation. 

After purchase, you'll download one PDF file with 3 pages including,
1 page of a test sheet (10 multiple choice questions)
2 pages of correct answers and script
🎧 Audio is available on YouTube (Link is also available on the PDF file)

Level: Beginner to intermediate

What your score means,
Over 80: No kidding! You're a Korean🙃
60-80: Be proud of yourself!
(There's a 20pt question which is very challenging) 

Menus will be updated every week! (hopefully :D) Visit here whenever you crave some Korean ☕ Oh, I gotta go to brew another Cup, See you 🏃‍♀️