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  • Korean Drinking Culture Explained

    I saw some American dramas where people drink a beer from the bottle. Although there are some Koreans who do the same, the majority of us rarely drink beer from the bottle. When you order a beer at a pub/bar in Korea, you'll mostly get a cup full of beer or a beer bottle along with a cup.
  • 📢 LegitKon, Live Online Korean Contest is Starting!

    I thought a ticket for a contest could be your motivation. You can spend the month preparing for the contest that is held at the end of the month. You can challenge yourself with fellow learners. I hope LegitKon can be a party X contest for brave Korean learners.
  • Happy, Sensual, Confidence-Boosting Kpop Playlists For You

    Today I got some cool Kpop playlists for you that are loved by Korean Kpop fans. While many of international Kpop fans share their Spotify playlists, Korean fans share their YouTube playlists. There are many YouTube channels that upload cool Kpop playlist videos. The channels and their videos are very popular between teenager and 20 something Kpop fans right now. I picked 7 playlist videos among them.
  • Madly In ❤️ With Flavored Almonds

    The most popular ones are Baked Corn, Honey Butter, and Starlight Pangpang (soda candy with chocolate). The price starts at about $4 per a 210g-bag. If you visit South Korea, grab many of them since they're cheaper here.
  • Clubhouse Buzz Has Arrived in Korea

    After a Korean rapper talked about his experience with the app on his radio, his story went viral and now everyone's talking about/criticizing/begging to be in it. Here're some of Korean's words
  • Funny Korean Dating Culture Explained

    In Korea, there's a very strange date culture called, 데이트 통장 (bank account for dating): each of a couple put the same amount of money on one bank account every month and use that money for dating and giving presents to each other.
  • How Koreans Hang Out With Friends

    Hi, brave Korean learners! It's Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. So I've been thinking about how I can make my blog better for a while🤔 I haven'...
  • 🥘 Tteokbokki, The Soul Food of Seoul

    It's the food you MUST try when visiting South Korea. And I have a tip for you, Tteokbokki novices: order a bunch of toppings.
  • 6 Upcoming Kdramas You Should Be Waiting For

    It's New Year and many new Kdramas are coming.(I'm so excited!) Among them, I picked 6 most anticipated ones. Here they are.
  • You drop a ball? We hit a bell🔔

    In Korea, we hit big bells at midnight on New Year's Eve, instead of dropping a ball. A few people are chosen to hit a bell throughout the country and the crowd gather around it. (No kissing, but chanting countdown and taking pics) They hit bells 33 times which means praying for people's well-being.
  • 🎄Merry Korean Christmas!

    Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm so excited😆 This is the first letter of Legit Korean Says, a biweekly newsletter full of legit Korean things such as K-Drama, K-Pop, Korean language and trends. 잘 부탁드립니다! (Nice to meet you!)

  • What I Learned From Doing IG Live For 4 Days

    Right now, South Korea is in 2.5-level social distancing safety measure (the second-strongest measure) because of rising coronavirus cases. So I'm pretty much at home all the time and I wanted to do something fun and ... crazy. Doing live in English was one of my goals as an English learner. I wanted to challenge myself to see what I can do while giving you some value.