Corruption Kdrama Recommendations

Hello, this is Ari, your friendly Korean reporter! Today I want to talk about corruption Kdramas that are about many kinds of corruptions in South Korea including judicial, social, economical or even educational ones. I covered this topic on the latest episode of The Legit Korean, my weekly podcast 👇 Here are some of corruption Kdrama recommendations. 



Vincenzo (2021)

kdrama vincenzo

One of the latest corruption Kdramas is Vincenzo which ended airing last weekend. It achieved the 6th highest rating in the broadcast network's history. It's about a Korean-Italian mafia, Vincenzo, giving a conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice. The series covered a big evil cartel of a conglomerate, prosecutors, judges and journalists that has been ruling (and ruining) the country for a long time. 

Drama & Reality

In the series, the leader of a big cartel is a heir of a conglomerate. He viciously kills anyone who's in his way. Lawyers from a big law firm, prosecutors, judges, reporters are all his subordinates or partners while the hero who fights against him is a mafia. This irony of bad prosecutors, judges, and reporters is the reality of my country. We have a long history of corrupted prosecutors who even manipulate evidences to frame the innocent and judges who favor the rich and disfavor the democratic party for their economic or political interest. A heir of the biggest conglomerate in SK only got a slap on the wrist

Taxi Driver (2021)

taxi driver kdrama

Another recent Kdrama is Taxi Driver which I recommend to anyone who is interested in various dark sides of SK. It's about a revenge agency which disguised as a taxi company. A taxi driver and the crew pay back to the evil for victims in an unlawful way. Most episodes are based on true stories that happened or are happening in the country. The series which is ongoing right now is recording high ratings. 

Drama & Reality

One of the stories is about a tech company which makes and distributes sex tapes which were filmed without consent. The revenge agency punish them unlawfully because the law enforcement doesn't bring them to proper justice. Most of sex offenders in SK get a slap on the wrist. One of the most notorious case is Welcome to Video, the-once biggest child pornography website on darkweb. The owner of the site was Son Jung-woo, a 20 something Korean. He only got a 18-month sentence at the time and now he's free. A SK court rejected an US extradition request despite of Korean public's anger


Sorry, I wanted to write about one more corruption Kdrama but I'm exhausted 😵 I haven't slept well recently so... The drama is Penthouse, which is the most popular Kdrama in 2020 and 2021. The series covers many kinds of social problems like real estate and school corruption. So check it out if you're interested. I heard that it's availab..l...e on... Viki... I also recommend Stranger which is available on Netflix. My battery ou...t s...ry 안ㄴ ㅕㅇ

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