Where To Learn Latest K-Fashion Trends

Hi, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Today, I'll introduce young Koreans' go-to places for online clothes shopping. If you're a K-Fashion lover, you'll be able to learn the latest & legit Korean fashion trends here. Let's start!

1. 커먼유니크 Common Unique

korean fashion shopping mall common unique

For 20 to 30 something women

Common Unique, one of my favorite Korean women fashion online shopping malls, is known for casual, feminine & relaxed clothes . It sponsors many celebrities including Jenny of Blackpink and Sana of Twice. Price is pretty cheap. Summer shirts are around 20-30USD. 

2. 스타일난다 Stylenanda

korean shopping mall fashion stylenanda

For teenagers to early 20 something women

Stylenanda is the biggest online shopping mall success story in the country. It also has its own big-hit cosmetic brand, 3CE, which was acquired by Loreal in 2018 for 54 million USD. It's the most popular women's fashion shopping website in SK between young Korean girls. Full of casual & hippy clothes!

3. 무신사 Musinsa

musinsa korean fashion

For 20 to 30 something men & women

Musinsa is a go-to place for many young Koreans. It's a rare website/app for both men and women. It shows item rankings by category so you'll be able to learn what's trending now. The store sells countless items from many brands including Adidas and Converse. 

4.5. 지그재그 Zigzag, 에이블리 ABLEY

korean fashion zigzagkorean fashion ably

For teenagers to 30 something Korean women

Both Zigzag and ABLY are apps that are super popular between young Korean women. They are like an Amazon with almost all Korean women fashion brands. The best thing about the apps is that you can search, pick and shop what you want from countless brands. For example, if you search 'white lace dress,' the apps give you all white lace dresses they found from the brands they have. 


Until you can visit my country and shop clothes, enjoy scrolling through these websites and apps to learn about K-Fashion! Thanks for your time. See you next week with Legit Korean Says, my biweekly email newsletter 👋 안녕!

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