What You Didn't Know About Korean SAT

Hi👋 This is Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Finally, the season of Korean SAT, 수능, has come. It's scheduled on December 3rd. The most important day for most of senior high school Korean students is a signal that winter has started in the country. On this day, airplanes don't take off during listening tests, companies adjust working times to help students go to test centers in time. And there are more interesting facts about 수능. Here they are.

1. COVID-19 patients can take the test

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수능, Korean SAT is the only national exam that COVID-19 patients can take in Korea. In principle, every confirmed patients should not take any test since they could spread the virus to other people. However, 수능 is the once-a-year exam that determines what kind of college students go to or even if they can go to a college. So Korean government have prepared for test centers only for patients for months so that they can take the test just like others. Now, less than a week left before the day, every Korean high school is online to stop spreading the virus between students.

2. Songs that are forbidden for 수능 takers

Did you know that there are songs that are forbidden for Korean SAT takers? They're called 수능금지곡 meaning songs that're so addictive that SAT takers should avoid listening otherwise they'll keep playing in the head. SHINee's Ring Ding Dong is the most popular 수능금지곡. Even just one listening of the song can make you hum 'Ring Ding Dong' a thousand times. There are more songs like this below. Warning: Listen to them only if you don't have any exam to prepare. 



3. The price of 수능 registration card

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Once the exam is over, students can enjoy after-exam life with their exam registration card. The card becomes a magic discount card for many places including restaurants, movie theaters and amusement parks. For example, last year, students could watch a movie for a half price. Airlines offered 10 to 30% discount to Korean SAT takers. Since the card has so much discount value, some students sell their exam registration card online for $30-100 after the exam. (But it's illegal) 

It's all for today's post. I hope you liked it. I wonder how your country's college entrance exam is like. Leave a comment! See you next week. 안녕!

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  • This is a very new and interesting info! I never knew things like 수능금지곡 exists ㅎㅎ


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