What I Learned From Doing IG Live For 4 Days


I just finished doing Quarantine Korean School Instagram live for 4 days (in a row). I'm exhausted but I'm so happy. I wanted to share what I learned from doing it and my happiness so here I am. 

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Why I started Instagram live

Right now, South Korea is in 2.5-level social distancing safety measure (the second-strongest measure) because of rising coronavirus cases. So I'm pretty much at home all the time and I wanted to do something fun and ... crazy. Doing live in English was one of my goals as an English learner. I wanted to challenge myself to see what I can do while giving you some value.

What I did for 4 days

For 4 days, I talked about Kdrama recommendations, COVID-19 news in Korea, 2020 wrapped of Kpop agencies, and how to swear in Korean. On Korean learning, I taught some sentences related to the topics of the day such as 'I love watching the drama,' 'When COVID-19 is gone, I will go to a BTS concert.' I tried to teach well but I was definitely not ready for teaching something live in English.

What I learned

I learned about my English limits. Having to speak English for 30 to 40 mins nonstop while being watched by people was as much hard as I imagined. I learned that I keep saying 'okay' when I'm nervous (and it sounds stupid). I also learned about my physical limits. Doing live for 4 consecutive days was physically and mentally demanding. But I enjoyed being uncomfortable, nervous during live and being exhausted after it. I feel it made me stronger and braver.

It might sound weird but I want you to do the same. If you're learning Korean, challenge yourself by doing what you think you can't. You can make an uncomfortable and nervous environment for yourself doing challenging things like uploading videos of yourself speaking Korean. It will be scary but you'll soon learn that you're much braver than you thought, that you can do much more than you thought. And more than anything, you'll learn the world is full of nice people cheering you up and supporting what you do. 


Okay... (Stupid!) Christmas is coming! Check out my podcast, The Legit Korean, if you wanna know about how Korean couples spend the holiday. You'll also listen & repeat romantic sentences like,

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난 너만 있으면 돼. (All I want is you.)

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