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  • 6 Hidden Places in Seoul that Have Stunning View

    The capital city of South Korea is known for a beautiful mix of traditional palaces and modern skyscrapers. There are unrecognized places in Seoul where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the city and take some good shots for your Instagram. Here are the list.
  • Don't know what to post so ... 🤯

    There were '7 trending hairstyles in SK', '6 at-home drink recipes that Koreans are crazed about', or 'my travel diary' of visiting Andong with my friend the week before last. But I couldn't pick one. So I decided to do them all.
  • 💉 Vaccination in South Korea

    Vaccination in South Korea started late February and so far, by April 16th, the total of about 1.98 M Koreans (about 4% of population) got vaccinated. For young and healthy Koreans including most of Kpop idols and Kdrama stars, vaccination will start after Q3, according to the government.