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  • 5 Brand-New K-Drama Recommendations

    These days, I watch so many dramas that I sometimes feel like I'm in a drama, not the pandemic-stricken reality. Since I'm watching ongoing dramas, rather than binge-watching the finished ones, here's my 5 brand-new K-Drama recommendations. Let's start!
  • 5 Korean Makeup Brands You'll Fall In Love With

    Today, I wanna introduce Korean makeup cosmetics brands that are popular between young Koreans. They're cheap and pretty so you'll love them. Let's start!
  • 10 Best Older Kdrama Recommendations from a Korean

    Even if you consider yourself as a Kdrama expert, there are still some really cool and old gems you haven't watched yet. Find out what you have missed and put them into your Kdrama playlist. They're all worth re-watching over and over again! (If you already watched them, let's talk about them in comments!)