One Korean is typing

  • Spring is Coming 🌸

    Spring in Korean is 봄 /bom/. Whenever I hear the word, I think of flowers, because for Koreans, spring is all about flower festivals that are thrown throughout the country from Jeju Island to Seoul. 
  • Happy, Sensual, Confidence-Boosting Kpop Playlists For You

    Today I got some cool Kpop playlists for you that are loved by Korean Kpop fans. While many of international Kpop fans share their Spotify playlists, Korean fans share their YouTube playlists. There are many YouTube channels that upload cool Kpop playlist videos. The channels and their videos are very popular between teenager and 20 something Kpop fans right now. I picked 7 playlist videos among them.
  • 6 Kpop Songs You'll Want to Listen to After Midnight

    So today, I prepared 6 Kpop songs that you'll want to listen to after midnight. If you just break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it would be better. You can cry like a river with theses songs and move on.