Spring is Coming 🌸

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

The weather gets warm and flowers are about to blossom. Spring is just around the corner!

🌸 Spring is all about flower festivals

Spring in Korean is 봄 /bom/. Whenever I hear the word, I think of flowers, because for Koreans, spring is all about flower festivals that are thrown throughout the country from Jeju Island to Seoul. The most representative spring flower is cherry blossom so there are many cherry blossom festivals. The biggest cherry blossom festival in Seoul is the one that are thrown in Yeoyido☝, near Han river. There's a long road at Yeoyido and during the festival, cars are not allowed so people walk down the road enjoying flowers of over 1,800 trees. You can enjoy mini concerts and street food as well. It's a must-go spring dating spot for Seoulites. The biggest cherry blossom festival in Korea is Jinhae Gunhangje👇 in Jinhae, the southern region of the country. Because it's so big, and it gets very crowded, even bus lines are created during the festival. (All festivals are cancelled this year because of the pandemic.)

jinhae south korea cherry blossom festival

🎧 Fill up your spring playlist

It's that time of the year you start filling up your playlist with sweet spring songs. First of my spring K-pop song recommendations is Cherry Blossom Ending by Busker Busker 👇 It's the song you will want to listen to with your date while walking down the road filled with cherry blossom. Second, No Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms by HIGH4 & IU, which is an anti-love song for people who're tired of seeing all the happy couples enjoying the season. Lastly, Love In The Milky Way Cafe by AKMU is my favorite spring song. The lyrics are, 'Meeting at The Milky Way Cafe, drinking black tea and iced-coffee, listening to the same song everyday, a love comes.' (Milky Way Cafe is a real cafe located in Hongdae.)

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📢 New & FREE Korean competition is coming!

 I'm sorry to tell you that LegitKon, online Korean contest, has been cancelled. It was a paid-for contest so I sold tickets. (I needed money for using a service that I need for the event.) But I thought it would be much better if I can host a free contest without using the pricey online quiz service. And I think I found a way to do it 😎. A new & free Korean competition will be held on TLK's YouTube channel. So subscribe to it and turn notifications on! You'll get more details soon on Instagram.

One more thing, if you want to learn how to order multiple menus at McDonald's in Korean, listen to the latest episode of The Legit Korean. See you next week! 안녕 👋 

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