Recent Kdrama Controversy Explained

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

죄송합니다 (meaning Sorry) for being 1-day late🙏 I was busy with preparing my first YouTube livestream. Before I talk about it, let's start with the hottest controversy in Korea.

kdrama joseon exorcist

🤬 Koreans got angry over a Kdrama. Here's why.

Because I'm a self-claimed newsletter reporter, I've been paying attention to recent Kdrama controversies so that I can tell you what's really going on. And here's what happened. A new Kdrama, Joseon Exorcist ☝️, started 지난 주 (last week). After airing the first episode on March 22nd, every social network in Korea got overwhelmed with angry Korean viewers' posts complaining the drama is filled with wrong historical facts. Among them, while the drama's setting was Joseon, a Korean dynastic kingdom that lasted between 1392 and 1897, a lot of the costumes and production designs in the drama were Chinese. In one scene, a Korean prince serves guests with Chinese food. In another scene, a Korean girl is wearing a Chinese traditional costume with Chinese traditional hairstyle. Koreans got angry because they feel that the drama was deliberately portraying a Korean dynasty as a non-Korean or Chinese one. So they demanded the drama's sponsor companies to cancel contracts to stop it from airing. After all sponsorships were dropped, the drama was cancelled becoming the first Kdrama being cancelled after airing only 2 episodes.

 kdrama snowdrop

🥀 Controversy is not over yet. What's next?

Another upcoming drama is in the center of controversy. Snowdrop ☝, a historical series, which is scheduled to air in June, is being accused of distorting sad Korean history. Its setting is 1980's when Koreans were fighting against dictatorship. At that time, the government tortured, killed, and imprisoned democratic activists, mostly students, for false accusations including espionage. Many were framed as North Korean spies to die. According to the drama's synopsis, the hero character is a North Korean spy who disguised as a student who fights against dictatorship. Koreans are worried that the drama supports the dictator governments' claim that democratic movements in South Korea were led by spies, not ordinary Koreans. Many claim that this kind of drama shouldn't be made in the first place.

🤸‍♀️ So I did YouTube live streaming and ...

Enough with controversies! So I hosted the first Typing Bee, a could-be weekly Korean dictation competition on 일요일 (Sunday). I was really worried about it so I couldn't sleep well and I woke up at 5:20 am 😵 to get ready. But thanks to brave Typers, I finished my first live streaming much better than I thought. If I host the next Typing Bee, you'll know about it via YouTube notification so subscribe to my channel. (The 2nd Typing Bee is coming on April 18th!)



Two more things, ☕ A Cup of Korean is coming back. I'll brew a new Cup soon so please look forward to it. And if you want to know about house hunting in South Korea, listen to the latest episode of The Legit Korean. Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks! 👋


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