Madly In ❤️ With Flavored Almonds

I heard that U.S. is suffering from record-low temperature and snow storms. I hope you and your loved ones to be safe and healthy🙏

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hbaf korean almond snack

🥜 What young Koreans eat every day

I have to be honest with you. I never had these popular flavored almond 과자 (snacks)☝ before. (I don't really like nuts.) So I can't say how they taste but, from my friends' words and Koreans' posts about them, I can say that they're what many young Koreans are currently addicted to. In the past, almond snacks were not popular at all in the country, so it was very hard to see them in a market shelf. But everything changed with the release of HBAF's Honey Butter Almond in 2014. The product was a big-hit. Various flavored almond snacks started to be popular between young Koreans who wanted healthy snacks. HBAF, the company who's behind Korean's almond addiction, has released at least 34 kinds of flavored almonds in the market including Wasabi, Buldak (excruciatingly spicy), 마늘빵 (Garlic Bread), Tiramisu, and even Honey Ginseng. The most popular ones are Baked Corn, Honey Butter, and Starlight Pangpang (soda candy with chocolate). The price starts at about $4 per a 210g-bag. If you visit South Korea, grab many of them since they're cheaper here. (I checked them on Amazon, they were more expensive.)

kdrama sisyphus

🎬 Watch new Kdramas with me!

Dear, beloved international Kdrama fans. This week will be probably the biggest week of the year for you (and me) with so many anticipated, big-scale Kdramas starting. The good news is that many of them will be released on Netflix every week as they broadcast in Korea. So we can watch them together on the same pace, if you're a Netflix subscriber. Among them is Hello? Me! which is about a 37-year-old woman meeting a 17-year-old self. Another one is Sisyphus☝ that is about a genius engineer who discovers mysterious beings between humans. The last is Vincenzo, the drama about a lawyer who worked for mafia fighting with the evil. Which one will you watch? (I'm especially excited about Sisyphus :D)

😥 LegitKon, a monthly Korean contest, is delayed

I'm sorry to tell you that the first LegitKon, a monthly Korean contest, is delayed to March. It was supposed to be held on Feb. 28th but it turned out that preparing an online contest is much more demanding and complicated than I thought. Now my goal is to host the first LegitKon on March 28th. Hopefully, I'll let you know the details in the next newsletter.

🎧 Listen to The Legit Korean

In the latest episode, you'll hear about an unexpected Korean job that makes more money than a successful Kpop idol. You'll also listen & repeat the sentences Koreans use almost always use at a bar. They are,

주량이 어떻게 되세요? How much can you drink?

저는 술이 약해요 I can't drink much


👩‍🏫 3 Korean words in this letter

과자 /gwaja/ snack, 마늘 /maneul/ garlic, 빵 /ppang/ bread

Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks! 👋


  • @Rich Long time no see! I missed you! I didn’t know the almond snacks are available in Singapore as well. And $10 is very expensive;; So you’re watching Penthouse season 2! I’m watching it too and it indeed looks promising so far. I’m looking forward to Sim Su Ryun’s comeback.

  • Ari,
    I’ve had the wasabi and the honey butter – closer to $10 here in Singapore, but they’re pretty common in the Korean groceries (which seem to be everywhere). Definitely addictive, but I try to stick to plain almonds, which are a bit healthier, haha. Nuts are so tasty!
    Sorry I haven’t been interacting much on the reddit – busy at work. But then that hasn’t stopped me from watching Kdramas. Currently watching Mr Queen, and (thanks to you) I am completely addicted to Penthouse – which I watch on VIU, since it’s not on Netflix. Season 2 seems promising so far. I haven’t watched yet, but Vincenzo sounds interesting.
    Keep your great content coming!



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