Love is Giving a Drumstick to Another🍗

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

I recently read a WSJ article about chicken shortage in US. The article inspired me to talk about chicken culture in my country. Let's start!

💢 How dare you eat a drumstick!

The first thing you should know about Korean chicken culture is this: Don't eat a drumstick without consent. If you do, you could even go to prison. 😱 No, just kidding! You don't go to prison. The truth is, drumsticks are the most-beloved chicken part in the country. So when we have chicken with friends, it's not recommended to just eat it without asking first. You can say, 닭다리 내가 먹어도 돼? (Can I have a drumstick?) to your Korean friends. If you eat without asking, you might look like a selfish and rude person. Conversely, if you let others eat a drumstick, they'll think of you as a caring and kind person. In Korea, there's even a saying that, 'Love is letting another one have a drumstick.' So remember this: 🍗=❤️

🔮 Some chicken superstitions

There are some old superstitions about chicken parts. For example, 'If your lover has a chicken wing, he/she/they will cheat on you.' or 'If you eat a chicken neck, you'll sing well.' But these are pretty old superstitions and no one takes them really seriously.

bts conan jhope

👀 What to watch

Did you watch BTS appeared on a Korean show? In the show, they played a game where they quickly identify a celebrity from a pic. J-Hope, a BTS member, called Conan, an American TV show host, Curtain☝ (He knew him but he couldn't remember his name at the moment.) Conan got disappointed about it.😂

👀 What to subscribe

I recently found this fun YouTube channel you might want to subscribe for your Korean listening. YOUTOO is a channel that uploads a short-story animation video with narration and voice act. The stories are based on listeners' stories from a popular Korean radio show. It could be challenging to watch the vids since they're in 100% Korean and speaking speed is fast. But the animation will help you understand the story. Most of them are fun. Try one now.

🍜 What to eat

The hottest instant noodle in Korea is Bae Hong Dong Bibimmyon. It was released in March this year and it's 'flying off the shelves' (I learned this expression in the WSJ article :D). Each character of the name represents the ingredients, Bae for pear, Hong for Hong-gochu, red pepper, and Dong for Dongchimi, Korean watery radish Kimchi. I haven't tried yet but people say that it tastes deliciously spicy. If you love instant noodles and find this noodle on Amazon, try it!

☝ Lastly, New Cup of Korean is out 

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