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Hello, brave Korean learners! My podcast is coming back this Friday! You can listen to this weekly podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many more. You can learn latest Korean trends, news and Korean language. 

Before there was, there had been The Legit Korean podcast where I practice English speaking every weekday. At the time, it was a daily podcast where you can listen to short Korean news/culture and practice one Korean sentence. Now it's coming back as a weekly-and-longer podcast where I give you deeper insights about my country and longer language lesson. 

Why you should listen to The Legit Korean

1. It's REAL


There must be other good podcasts about Korea, but The Legit Korean is hosted by me, born and raised in South Korea, so you can learn Korean news, culture, and language that are real. You'll learn real Korean sentences, not textbook ones. You'll have deep insights about my country. There's one shortcoming which is my not-perfect English speaking skill, but I'll do my best to make it comfortable to listen to. 

2. You will speak Korean!


The Legit Korean is focused on improving your Korean speaking skills. You'll listen and repeat sentences multiple times during the episode. I'll give you a speaking assignment every week and you can send me your voice message on Instagram. I'll give you my feedback and it'll help you improve your speaking skills.

3. We're in this together.


As a language learner myself, I understand your struggles as you learn this exotic Asian language. Since I do this podcast for improving my English speaking skills and you listen to it for improving your Korean skills, we're a team. You'll see your Korean progress and my English progress as you listen to my podcast. I hope it can be a win-win project for both of us.

What are you waiting for? Search 'The Legit Korean' on any of your favorite podcast platforms and listen to it. I'll see you every Friday. 



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