Happy, Sensual, Confidence-Boosting Kpop Playlists For You

Hi, It's Ari, your friendly Korean reporter! Today I got some cool Kpop playlists for you that are loved by Korean Kpop fans. While many of international Kpop fans share their Spotify playlists, Korean fans share their YouTube playlists. There are many YouTube channels that upload cool Kpop playlist videos. The channels and their videos are very popular between teenager and 20 something Kpop fans right now. I picked 7 playlist videos among them. I hope you like them. It would be better if you use YouTube Premium. Now listen!

Spring is coming! Why don't you listen to cheerful and happy songs? Pretty Suzy pics are bonus. You can check the song list on YouTube.

Playlist videos have cool pics and clips from Kdramas or others which go well with the songs. This playlist is for girls who want to boost their confidence. Rock the world, girls! 

I know Valentine's Day has passed but sweet and happy romantic songs do no harm to you anytime you listen. Pretty pics from teen romance Kdramas are bonus!

Like the title of this video says, 'Collection of idol songs that have sexual feelings.' Full of SM Entertainment idol songs! 

If you're a long-time Kpop fan, you'll love this playlist. It's a collection of popular Kpop songs during 2007-2013 starting with SNSD's Into The New World.

I bet you'll instantly hooked by this playlist if you love R&B. Though it's not a Kpop playlist, I thought you might want to try different Korean music. 

Actually, I'm writing this blog at 6:30 am and YouTube algorithm just recommended this playlist for me and I love it. The title says, 'Songs that are full of dawn mood.' Whether you finished your study/work at dawn or you woke up early at dawn, it's for you.

You can enjoy these playlist videos even more if you read funny & sentimental comments from Koreans. So... I'll be back with my biweekly email newsletter, Legit Korean Says, next week. Till then, turn up the music and listen to my latest podcast which is about school violence scandals that are rocking the nation right now 🎧 

P.S. Most of these playlist channel owners say that they don't earn any profit from the vids. The ad profit in the vids goes to song owners, they say. 

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