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Hello, brave Korean learners!

I knew Youn Yuh-Jung would give me a pic☝ that I can use for today's newsletter. 🎉Congratulations on her winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress! Let's start today's newsletter.

💰 Crypto boom in South Korea

Unlike the stock market, cryptocurrency is on sale 24/7. It's not regulated at all, taxed at at all, and most of all, the price change is like a roller coaster. So many young Koreans who want to be rich fast are addicted to trading crypto right now. One Korean posted that he put all of his money, about $73,000, on Dogecoin and he lost $20,000. On a TV show, a 30-something guy claimed that he made $3.5 million trading cryptocurrencies. Recently, Seoul city seized a $11 million worth of cryptocurrency from a doctor who had been evading about $900,000 of tax. It turned out that a lot of tax evaders are using cryptocurrencies as their tax heaven. Many people are worried that the current crypto boom could turn young Koreans into gamblers who stay up all night frantically refreshing their phone. But the boom could end by September when the government's regulation kickstart.

when you trap a tiger

📚 What to read

I'm so happy that I found an English book that I can recommend to you. It's When You Trap a Tiger (2020) written by Tae Keller, a 3rd generation Korean immigrant born and raised in Honolulu. The book description says, 'Would you make a deal with a magical tiger? This uplifting story brings Korean folklore to life as a girl goes on a quest to unlock the power of stories and save her grandmother'. (Doesn't it sound interesting? 😆) Although it's a children's book that won the 2021 Newberry medal, I believe adults can enjoy it, especially if you're interested in Korean folklore. You might be able to get closer to Korean culture. Find more about the book here. The book is released in Korean as well.

👀 What to watch

Since 2021 Oscar Awards just ended, you might want to watch Minari, the movie that brought Youn Yuh-Jung, a Korean actress, an Oscar.

If you love a suspense, mystery Kdrama, I recommend Beyond Evil (2021) which ended recently. Many Kdrama lovers are praising the series as the best Kdrama in 2021 so far. Watch the trailer here.

🎧 What to listen to

You can't possibly forget to listen to my podcast, The Legit Korean. The latest episode is about 'Why are Koreans so good at video games?' Listen now!

A Cup of Korean is out ☝

I said I'm working on rebooting A Cup of Korean, Korean learning worksheets series, and I'm happy to tell you the first Cup is being served now! Grab it and don't miss a chance to test your Korean vocabulary skills and pick up new words. Now I'm working on the second Cup which will be a mini listening test for Kpop fans. I hope it could help you understand your Kpop idols' award acceptance speech without subs :D

Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks! 👋

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