How to Save Money as a Kpop Fan

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

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💰 How to save money while being a Kpop fan

You thought that being a Kpop fan costs a lot of money until today 😎 Let me introduce how Korean Kpop fans save money in a fun way: Bias Savings (최애 적금). Bias savings is about saving a small amount of money every time you have something to celebrate as a fan of your bias. For example, if your bias is Jimin, save,

$2 every time Jimin's selfie is uploaded on Twitter $7 every time Jimin does V live $10 every time BTS wins on a music program $30 on Jimin's birthday...

You can make your own list of saving events and set the preferred amount of money according to your budget. Fans who do 'bias savings' say that it makes money savings fun and happy. Why don't you start doing right now? You'll thank me later 😉

👀 What to watch 1

Surprisingly or not, I learned some of my English from White House and UK Parliament YouTube channels. (I really loved Prime Minister's Questions videos.) If you're interested in politics like I am, I recommend KTV, a YouTube channel run by South Korean government. Unlike other country's channels, the Korean one is full of videos with fun editing and subtitles☝️. You'll feel like watching a Korean variety TV show. Watch the behind-the-scene video of a recent summit between South Korean President, Moon Jae-In and U.S. President, Joe Biden. You can see President Biden talking with Korean subtitle from 4:53 in the video.

👍 What to watch 2

A video of a Canadian man speaking Korean went viral recently, not just because his Korean was perfect🙃, but also he had an old Seoul dialect accent that is now hard to listen to anymore even in Korea. He spent 15 years of his childhood in Seoul during 70's and 80's, according to a comment of the video. During 70's in SK, there was 'long hair ban' which does not allow men to have long hair. (👩‍🏫 Long-haired men were considered as rebels who are against the then-dictator government.) In the video, the Canadian man said that he saw police cutting hair of long-haired university students while he was in Seoul.

📰 What to read

A female Korean comedian made a sexual joke with a doll on YouTube, some people took it too seriously😕 and now she's being investigated by police. It was recently reported that Seoul Police is deciding whether to charge her and, if they do, what charge they'll bring. NYT reported this story so read the article if you want to know how sexual jokes are almost prohibited in the country.


One last thing! I started Korean quiz story post series on Instagram this week. I'm also thinking of starting a weekly Instagram live where you can speak Korean 1:1 with me. So stay tuned! Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks 👋💜 

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