How Koreans Reacted to Elliot Page Coming Out

Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Today I brought a bunch of tweets reacting to Elliot Page who recently came out as a transgender. Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, is popular here in Korea as well for her roles in Inception and Umbrella Academy. Inception is one of my favorite movies so I was surprised by the news as well. But as what we, Koreans, are quickly adjust to changes, Naver, the country's biggest search engine, immediately changed her(now his) profile as below on the day of announcement.

elliot page profile naver

And many Koreans supported her decision. Read summarized translations below.

 👉Ellen Page changed her name as Elliot Page and came out as a transgender. He had a hard time as one of sexual minority before, now he got up the courage again and opened up to us. I want to give him my support and a big clap!  


 👉 I just hope Elliot Page gets more salary than Ellen Page since there's a huge salary gap between actors and actresses.


 👉 As a trans myself, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a famous actress to come out as a trans. It must've been really hard to hide what he really are. I support Elliot Page!


👉 Some people keep calling him 'Ellen' while he wants to be called as 'Elliot.' It will be all because of them if he becomes miserable for his announcement. Don't try to discourage the person who is pursuing his life.


 👉 I know some lesbians feel sorry for losing a good fellow. But I want them to know that he's the same person as he was before. He still supports everything they stand for.


I made this post to let LGBTs or anyone who's afraid of being who they are know that many Koreans, including me, support them. No one should suffer from being what they really are. I hope you (reading this post) be happy doing your thing and being who you are!






  • @Rich Yes! I think so too 🤣🤣

  • Glad to here he’s supported in Korea! And I love the comment about hoping Elliot earns more $$ than Ellen – brilliant, haha.

    Rich Lingner

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