How Koreans Hang Out With Friends

Hi, brave Korean learners! It's Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. So I've been thinking about how I can make my blog better for a while🤔 I haven't been really satisfied with my past posts. I wanted to give you more value. My conclusion is that I should write something you won't find anywhere else and you can learn legit Korean things from. Today, you'll learn how Koreans hang out with friends like where we hang out and what we do. Let's start!

Everything starts on KakaoTalk 

korean messenger kakaotalk

KakaoTalk is a Korean messenger app like WhatsApp, but much bigger than that. Almost all Koreans have it and we talk/work/hang out in the app. We send a virtual gift card for your friend's birthday. We split the bill after hangout with friends. Employees make a group chat room to talk about work. K-Pop fans make anonymous group chat rooms to hang out with fellow fans. When we want to actually meet & hang out with friends, sending a text via KakaoTalk (일요일에 뭐하냐? What're you doing on Sunday?) is the first thing to do. 

Eat and drink a cup of coffee

starbucks in korea

Many Koreans enjoy eating out. Since we eat Korean food at home, we tend to have different food when we go out. The most popular food between Koreans are Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, and Thai. After that, we go to a cafe to have a cup of coffee or sweet drinks to talk for a long time. Koreans' No. 1 go-to cafe is Starbucks, a.k.a. 스벅. You'll be surprised to know how much Koreans love this Seattle-based cafe. We don't mind lining up for hours to buy Starbucks's seasonal merch. A lot of young Koreans have Starbucks membership cards. (Almost all of my friends have one.)

Let's have a drink

korean drink soju beer

At evening or night, some Koreans who don't want to say goodbye to friends sooner will say this: 한 잔 하러가자, Let's have a drink. Koreans love drinking. If you get off at Gangnam station after 10 pm, you'll see young Koreans packed on the street waiting to enter bars and pubs. (Right now, you can't because of the pandemic.) Koreans' favorite drinks are beer, soju and the mix of beer and soju. We almost always drink alcohol with food. When drinking beer, we like to have fried chicken or pizza. When drinking soju, we tend to have hot soups. You don't have to worry about going back to home after drinking. In Seoul, subways stop running after about 12 am but buses are available for almost all night long for drunk owls. If you brought a car with you, you can call a driver to drive your car for you to your house. It costs about $10-20. 

Other than that...

We also enjoy going to movie theaters. We have about 55 million population but every year, multiple movies score over 10 million tickets sales. I believe Korean's movie-craze is behind Parasite's global success. On Spring, many young Koreans enjoy a lot of music festivals. Genres are vary. There are jazz, folk, rock, hip-hop and others. 


It's all for today! I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to listen to my podcast, The Legit Korean. In the latest episode, you'll learn how to say 'You' in Korean and Korean version of GameStop mania and you'll also listen & repeat the sentences you'll definitely use while traveling Korea. They are,

죄송하지만 화장실이 어디예요? Excuse me, where is the bathroom? 
2층에 있어요. It's on the second floor. 

See you next week! 안녕! 


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