Fair Skin, Double Eyelid, and 48kg

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

It's me, Ari! Today's newsletter is about beauty standards in my country along with some Korean workout videos. Ready to exercise?🏃🏃‍♀️ Let's start!

✨ What you need to be 'handsome' in SK

Beauty is a very subjective issue but there's a common perception in Korea that a man having following three qualities is considered attractive: ski-slop nose, slim figure, and being as tall as 180cm(5'11) or more. If you look at Korean actors, you can easily see that a lot of them have all of these or at least two of these. One of the most handsome Korean actors is Gang Dong-Won☝️. He's a many Korean women's dream who has the three beauty qualities. Many Korean women celebrities picked him as their ideal type. If you want to know what the most handsome Korean man looks like, watch Peninsula, one of his recent zombie movie, or Kundo: Age of the Rampant, his period action film.

✨ What you need to be 'pretty' in SK

The most common beauty standards for Korean women are: double eyelid, fair skin, and 48kg. To have double eyelid, many Korean women get a plastic surgery or use beauty products. Fair skin has forever been the quality of 'pretty woman' in the country. If you look at Portrait of a Beauty, a famous painting by Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) painter, Shin Youn-Bok, you'll know that fair skin has been the quality of a beauty for a very long time in this country. Lastly, a lot of Korean women want to have about 48 kg or less of weight. (Korean women's average height is about 160 cm). It's considered as the ideal weight for attractive women. One of the prettiest women in SK is Lee Young-Ae, a Korean actress who starred in big-hit Korean movies including One Fine Spring Day and Lady Vengeance.

📰 What to read

I didn't know this kind of world exists in my country until I read this NYT article. It's about deadly serious Korean e-sports players who are mostly teenagers. According to the article, there are e-sports trainee academies in the country and trainees spend up to 18 hours a day😱 playing games to be professional e-sports players.

👀 What to watch

To meet the common beauty standard for both men and women (slim figure or 48 kg), many Koreans are working out. So let me recommend some popular Korean workout YouTube videos 👇

• The most popular workout channel in the country is Thankyou BUBU (👩‍🏫 부부 /bubu/ means 'married couple.')

• If you want toned arms, watch this.

'Do this posture for 2 mins a day. You'll lose 8 kg in 2 months'

• Kim Jong-Kuk, a Korean singer who's known as a gym addict, recently started a workout YouTube channel. His first video passed 5M views in just 2 days!

✍️ What to write

I'm giving you a Korean writing assignment starting from Tuesday🎉 I'll give you a topic or a writing prompt, you handwrite or type Korean sentences, and after that, I'll give you my feedback & correction. Actually, I had a plan to start a Korean speaking test/hangout live on Instagram after losing 4kg. (I gained weight during the pandemic ㅠㅠ) But I'm failing on my diet so I decided to start the writing assignment project instead. It'll be a great opportunity to use (or brag about😎) your Korean skills! It'll start on Instagram first and it'll soon be available on more social networks like Discord or TikTok. Get ready to write!!


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