Don't know what to post so ... 🤯

Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your so-lost Korean reporter. I had some ideas for today's post. There were '7 trending hairstyles in SK', '6 at-home drink recipes that Koreans are crazed about', or 'my travel diary' of visiting Andong with my friend the week before last. But I couldn't pick one. So I decided to do them all, but only one for each. I just warned you that today's post is gonna be a mess.

Tassel Haircut

chahong hair south korea(📷 차홍아르더 본점 박미듬)

Isn't this hairstyle pretty? It's called 태슬컷(Tassel Cut) which is a trendy women's hairstyle in SK. It's a blunt short hair with a little bit of outward curl at the end. With bangs, it's cute. Without bangs, it's cool. I'm thinking of trying this or that for my summer hair 🤔

At-home Cafe Milk Tea Recipe

We all are mostly stuck at home these days. But Koreans can't give up on delicious drinks that we used to enjoy at cafes. So people are sharing at-home cafe drink recipes online. I want to do the same here! I found this recipe, 'Milk Tea Recipe That Made Me a Hundred Thousand Dollars' from a local cafe owner. He claims that he sold more than 15K bottles. It's not a simple recipe but it looks so delicious! 

Freaking Cool Book Cafe at Andong

andong cafe 
(📷 안동시 공식블로그)

The week before last on weekend I visited Andong, the southern region of South Korea, with my friend. It was an one-day trip and I enjoyed a lot. Andong is known for being the origin of Soju, a Korean alcohol drink and 안동찜닭 (soy sauce chicken stew) which is one of the best Korean foods. It's also known for having many 한옥, a beautiful traditional Korean house. I visited a 한옥 book cafe, called 구름에오프, it was so good. It's far from roads so it's quiet and, as you can see from the pic☝, it's BEAUTIFUL. Highly recommended for travelers. (Order anything except for a lemonade. I had it and it was not really recommendable😅)

What I've been doing


To be honest, I've looked like this ☝ for a while. I've been binge-watching Japanese dramas at night. I was supposed to work on making a new Cup of Korean, but I was stuck. I wasn't sure about how to make something that can really help Korean learners. I want to thank a lot of Japanese actors and actresses for being my cozy escape but it's time to say goodbye to them. After finishing 3 dramas, I came up with a really cool A Cup of Korean idea. And I'm fully confident and motivated to make something cool💪 Please look forward to it!

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