Doctors Are Tattoo Artists in SK...?

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

It's me, Ari! Today's newsletter is about a stupid Korean law, a Kdrama and mandu. Let's start!

🤷 Are Doctors Tattoo Artists In SK?

If you're a Kpop fan, you must know that tattoo is kind of a taboo in South Korea. Korean stars who have a big tattoo should cover it with a bandage or makeup on TV. Many Koreans have a bad opinion of tattooed people. But did you also know that tattoo artists are illegal in the country?🤦 Recently, a famous Korean tattoo artist who have worked with Brad Pitt got a fine of 4,500 USD (5 million KRW) for committing an illegal medical act which is to tattoo.

Under the current Korean law, tattooing can only be done by doctors who (ironically and of course) never tattoo. So it makes all tattoo artists in the country illegal. Tattoo customers and artists are asking for the law change, but since there are not many of them, and Koreans' bad opinion about tattoo, it doesn't look like it will happen soon.

Then why does the law only allow doctors to tattoo in the fist place? Actually, piercing can only be done by doctors in SK as well, though there are many (illegal) piercing shops all over the country. So you can say that it's related to doctors' interests. Doctors' interest groups have a big influence on Korean National Assembly and the court. Doctors insist that tattooing and piercing are medical acts so they should only be done by doctors. (They even went on a strike when the government tried to change the law in 2007.) 🤷🤦

🥢 What to eat

I recently had Bibigo Gungyoja☝️ and I was blown away. It's SO DELICIOUS! I heard that Korean mandu is getting popular in some countries. I recommend Bibigo mandu series which is popular in Korea. I tried multiple mandus from Bibigo but Gungyoja is the best 😍 Though I'm not sure if you can buy it in your country, I heard that some other Bibigo mandus are available at Costcos in the U.S. Mandu is very versatile food. You can fry, grill, steam, and make a soup or even salad with it.

👀 What to watch

One of the most anticipated Kdrama this year, Penthouse Season 3 just started! Have you watched the first episode? It's extremely rare for a Kdrama to have a third season. It's the thing that only 갓순옥 (the nickname of the scriptwriter) can do. (👩‍🏫 Koreans put 갓, meaning 'God', in front of the first name of a person to show a big love and respect. For example, 갓지민) If you're bored, this crazy Kdrama would help.


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