Clubhouse Buzz Has Arrived in Korea

I love reading English news articles about business, tech, and other things. So I knew about Clubhouse, an audio-chat social networking app, before it became a buzz. But even after the app got pretty popular in countries like U.S., I couldn't really relate to the hype cause a) I use an Android phone (Clubhouse is iPhone-only), b) Koreans didn't even know about the app's existence until very recently.

After a Korean rapper talked about his experience with the app on his radio, his story went viral and now everyone's talking about/criticizing/begging to be in it. Here're some of Korean's words:

korean rapper clubhouse

DinDin, a Korean rapper/radio host, summarized his experience with Clubhouse as "More communication, but only for the privileged?" He said he really enjoyed the app. He ended up talking with strangers from many different countries for hours till 5 a.m. But one of his friends told him, "Don't allow ordinary people to speak." and he got upset thinking, 'What the heck is 'ordinary'?' He got upset that some people on the app think they're privileged to be on it and even among them, there are the more-privileged who can talk and the less-privileged who can't talk. It reminded him of a medieval class system, he said.

Reactions are divided. First, there are people who badly want to join the app. It says "Can you please invite this outsider (crying) I want to hang out talking at home."

Some people are selling their invitations. It says "I can give you a Clubhouse invitation for 15,000 KRW (about 13 USD)."

Some are sharing their experience. "I'm freaked out (lol) If you use Clubhouse, please enter the cat room. People are nuts. Their profile pics are cats and they're speaking like cats. One just sang South Korea's national anthem like a cat."

I relate to this. "I got invited but I don't have an iPhone."



So if you use Clubhouse, you'd better be prepared. Koreans are coming. If you don't, like me, we can just wait to see if the app really becomes the future of social media or nothing but a temporary hype.

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