5 Most Popular American/British Stars in Korea

Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Actually I thought of making a post about popular Christmas gift ranking in Korea. But I realized the ranking is nothing but an Apple product catalogue so I gave up. Instead, I brought a very subjective list of 5 American/British stars that are loved by Koreans. Based on my thousands of hours of scrolling through Korean people's comments on the Internet, I picked the top 5 stars. Here they are.

1. Tom Cruise  

Nickname: 톰형 (Brother Tom)

I would say that he's the all-time most beloved foreigner star in Korea. Almost all of his movies were released and had big successes in the country including Mission Impossible series and Edge of Tomorrow. He is seen as a passionate, workaholic and rare American actor who truly understands Korean greeting manner. Korean fans really admire that he does a lot of dangerous stunts by himself. He visited South Korea 9 times for his movie promotions. 

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Nickname: 로다주 (RoDowJu)

Avengers series had been a huge hit in Korea since its very beginning of Iron Man (2008). When the movie was released in Korea, it became the biggest-hit movie in the year. Many Korean fans truly enjoyed watching the growth of Marvel universe and 로다주 as the biggest movie star in the world. They even threw an event for him and other Avengers movie casts who visited Korea in 2019. Watch the video above. (The thumbnail says 'This is K-Event. Please come again.')

3. Coldplay

Nickname: 콜플(ColPl)

In Korea, foreign singers are not really popular as much as they are in other countries. In 2011, when Taylor Swift came to South Korea for her tour, she freely walked around Seoul and took a subway. Only one Korean noticed her and took a picture of her. (I would've noticed her if I was there!) But when Coldplay came to Korea in 2017, the tickets were sold out in a minute. Coldplay's songs are very popular in the country. The British band was praised by Koreans for taking a moment to honor Sewol ferry victims on the concert day. Watch the video above.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

Nickname: 오이(Cucumber), 베니(Benny)

The British drama series, Sherlock was a BIG-HIT in Korea. Many fans madly fell in love with not just Sherlock, the character, but also Benedict Cumberbatch, a great actor. I used to be a Sherlock-addict and I cried when he #$%@#$ (I can't say cause it's a spoiler.) He has many nicknames such as 오이, 베니, 세상에서 제일 잘생긴 오이(The most handsome cucumber in the world). When he visited Korea for Doctor Stranger promotions, he shed tears because of a fan's drawing of him. Watch the video above.

5. Timothée Chalamet

His movie, Call Me By Your Name, was a huge-hit between Korean girls. There's even a nickname for the movie, 콜바넴(CallByNam). Many 콜바넴 fans still watch the movie over and over again. They praise his great acting in the movie, especially the last scene. I was kind of forced to watch the movie since one of my friends was a 콜바넴 addict. I realized why he's so popular after watching it. When he visited the country for his movie promotions, he was praised for his fashion and cool manner. 



The post is about to end. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you've found some on the list unexpected or interesting. If I can add one more on the list, it should be Leonardo DeCaprio. He's long been loved by Koreans since Titanic. He's known as the most handsome man in the world. 

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  • @CV Coldplay is one of my all-time favorite bands. Actually I went to their concert at the time. It was 😇😇😇 (I wish I knew more English words to describe how happy I was.)

  • @Julia Thanks! It means the world to me😍 If you have any blog request, let me know in comments!

  • This was fun to read! I really like your writing and the extra infos like the nicknames was so nice 🥺

  • I’m not surprised at Cruise and DiCaprio. Cumberbatch is great at Sherlock. Coldplay is definitely big.


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