6 Kpop Songs You'll Want to Listen to After Midnight

Hello, beautiful! This is Ari. How have you been for this week? For me, it has been a hell of a week. I rebooted my Korean trends/culture/language practice podcast, The Legit Korean. I'm getting responses from listeners and I'm so happy and nervous at the same time. Whenever I start something new, I don't feel well, become emotional, and I can't sleep at night. So today, I prepared 6 Kpop songs that you'll want to listen to after midnight. If you just break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it would be better. You can cry like a river with theses songs and move on. 

1. Manggakhwa - 잊는다 (I Forget)

Lyrics) The day you come back to me, I thought I could wait till forever, I thought I wouldn't change my heart forever, But I'm getting tired, I'm getting tired

2. Casker - 천 개의 태양 (A Thousand Suns)

Are you leaving me like this? Are you still watching me? I can't watch the sky and your eyes because they're so bright.

3. 흐른 - 그렇습니까 (Is That So?)

I want to see your eyes, I want to hold your hands, I want to touch your shoulders and lips, I want to talk to you, I want to listen to you but...

4. Park Junghyun - You Don't Know Me


You don't love me, You don't know me, Tell me you do, You just don't know me, You don't want me, Tell me I'm wrong

5. Sung Shikyung - Solar System


My love is far away, My yesterday is leaving, Like starts rotating around the Sun, I spin around, spin around, spin around

6. Lucia- 그런 계절 (That Season)


A thousand promises are scattered by the Sun, Bruised in the air like blossom leaves, I walk on the street biting my lips like a sinner




Have a quality sentimental time! If you have any post request, leave a comment or DM me on Instagram. See you next week! 안녕

*I picked the songs from this video of 스윗식스틴, Kpop song recommendation YouTube channel 


  • Thanks for leaving comments, Sarah! This is the first comment I get after over a month of blogging! It means the world to me! I love 양화대교 of Zion.T. It’s such a beautiful song! 🎧❤

  • I will add these to my queue! I am more of a Zion.T fan, but sometimes I feel like listening to Changmo, too. Who doesn’t need some mood music? 😎 🎶 ❤️


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