7 Korean Movies/Dramas That Are Perfect for Halloween

Hello, brave Korean learners! This is Ari, again. So Halloween is coming. I don't know much about this day. I just know that people make some cool home decoration with pumpkins, kids visit around neighborhood with candies, and it's a perfect season to watch spooky movies or dramas at home. So I prepared 7 best Korean ones for you. Watch below.

1. Memories of Murder 살인의 추억 

 memories of murder bong joonho korean movie

This is the movie that made Bong Joonho, the director of Parasite, what he is now in South Korea. It's based on the true story of Korea's serial murders which took place between 1986 and 1991. Because the killer was not caught at the time of the movie release in 2003, the director Bong Joonho said he wanted the killer to see the movie at a theater. He said, the last scene was made for the killer. Thankfully, in real life, the murderer got caught in 2019. 

2. I Saw the Devil 악마를 보았다

i saw the devil korean movie

This movie is one of rare Korean gore movies. It's not full of blood or something but some scenes are very (I don't know how to express but) 'hard to watch.' It's about an intelligence agent whose fiancée is brutally murdered by a psychopathic serial killer. As he's trying to revenge, he discovers a devil in the killer and also in himself.

3. Save me 구해줘

save me korean tv series korean drama kdrama

Available on Netflix. This Korean TV series is about a religious cult that's based on the suburb area. The cult has many followers and it looks like a peaceful church at a glance but it has dark secrets including torture, and murder. South Korea, in fact, has a lot of religious cults so the series was relatable to many Koreans. 

4. Oldboy 올드보이

korean movie oldboy

This movie is one of the most popular movies in Korean history. It's based on a Japanese comic book of the same name and it's directed by Park Chanwook, the director of The Handmaiden. The movie is about a man who suddenly got kidnapped and imprisoned in a room for 15 years without knowing who kidnapped him and why he got imprisoned. After 15 years, he got released and he finds out the shocking truth. The plot twist at the end of the movie is crazy.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters 장화 홍련

a tale of two sisters korean movie

This movie is one of the greatest Korean horror films. It's directed by Kim Jiwoon, the director of I Saw the Devil. The movie is about a family of a father, a stepmother and two sisters who's living in a rural area. After sick sisters come back from hospital and live together with a young stepmother, strange things happen in the house. Although the movie is rated as PG12 in Korea, it's very spooky.

6. Stranger Season 1 비밀의 숲

korean tv series stranger netflix

Available on Netflix. If you ask me what is the greatest Korean thriller TV series, I will say it's Stranger Season 1 without skipping a beat. Recently, Season 2 has ended, it was good too, but I recommend Season 1. It's about a emotionless prosecutor and a righteous detective trying to solve mystery cases which, eventually, are all connected. New York Times picked Stranger season 1 as the best TV shows of 2017

7. The Wailing 곡성

the wailing korean movie

This movie is one of the best horror/mystery Korean movies in recent years. It's about a rural village where people experience strange events after a mysterious man has moved in. The movie is about what is a demon, or a curse. Many people say that the movie leaves the long lasting effect on them. It's not all serious, it has humors as well, so you'll often laugh.

It's all for Halloween! I hope you have fun with spooky Korean movies/dramas I recommended on this post. If you're looking for fun ways to practice Korean, go shop for my Korean learning books. With an audio workbook, you can listen & repeat 90 most basic Korean sentences on the move. And there's a flash-card-like e-book which you can memorize 501 most basic Korean words with. 

See you next week! 안녕





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