6 Upcoming Kdramas You Should Be Waiting For

Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. It's New Year and many new Kdramas are coming.(I'm so excited!) Among them, I picked 6 most anticipated ones. Here they are.

1. Sisyphus: The Myth (Coming in February)

kdrama sisyphus the myth

This series is the one that I'm waiting for the most only because the leading actor is Jo Seung Woo. He's one of the most talented actors in Korea and he played Hwang Si Mok, the male leading character, in Stranger, the big-hit thriller Kdrama. The series is about a genius engineer who tries to uncover the mysterious beings among humans and a savior girl who came to rescue him from danger. Watch the trailer here.

2. Penthouse Season 2 (Coming on February 19th)

kdrama penthouse

I'm sure that 2020 was the year of Penthouse 1 and 2021 will be the year of Penthouse 2 & 3. This series is the one that Koreans are waiting for the most. It's been only a week since the season 1 has ended leaving many viewers shocked. Everyone is dying to know which character will survive or eventually die in the new season. Thankfully, the new season starts soon so we'll get the answer soon. The series is about murders, extramarital affairs, school bullying and a lot of other immoral and evil events that happen around the richest people in Korea. Watch the trailer here.

3. Vincenzo (Coming on February 20th)

kdrama vincenzo

The star of Descendants of The Sun, Song Joon Ki, is coming back with a new big-scale Kdrama, Vincenzo. The series is about Vincenzo, played by Song, a lawyer who works for mafia in Italy and a professional female lawyer from Korea. They cooperate each other to punish the evil. Taekyeon from 2PM, a Kpop boy group, will be on the series as well. So there will be a war of rating between 3 big Kdramas of Penthouse 2, Sisyphus and Vincenzo in February. 

4. Taxi Driver (Coming in April)

kdrama taxi driver

Taxi Driver is the next runner of Penthouse 2 which ends in April. The series is about a mysterious taxi driver who makes a living for doing 'revenge' service for crime victims and a prosecutor who chases him. The star of Signal, Lee Je Hoon, plays the driver and Na Eun from April, a Kpop girl group, will play a hacker who works with the driver. Watch the trailer here.

5. Dark Hole (Coming in March)

kdrama dark hole

OCN, the network of Dark Hole, is known for making good thriller series. The drama is about a female detective whose husband got killed by a mysterious man. One day she got a phone call from the killer, after that, she goes to a town where people turn monsters to chase him down. 

6. Busted Season 3 (Coming on January 22th)

netflix busted season 3

This is not a drama but I wanted to share this show since it's coming real soon like next week and it's very fun. Sadly, it is reported that this is the last season of the show which is about bumbling detectives solving mystery and completing missions together. It's a star-studded show with Yoo Jae Seok, the most popular comedian in Korea, Se Hun, a member of EXO, and Lee Gwang Soo, a very popular Korean actor/comedian. The show is Netflix original so you can binge-watch the all episodes once it's released on January 22th. Watch the trailer here.



It's all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post. I always love posting about Kdramas since I'm a drama-addict. Leave a comment if you want to talk about dramas. I'll be back with my email newsletter next week! Bye💖

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