5 Foreigner Stars Loved by Koreans That Are Not Idols

Hello, brave Korean learners! I'm Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Today I want to introduce foreigner stars that are loved by Koreans. You must know a lot of foreigner idol members but, actually, there're many foreigner stars that are not idols in the country. You might know some of their faces if you have watched Korean TV shows. Let's start!

1. Angelina Sergeyevna Danilova 

Angelina Sergeyevna Danilova korean tv star

Nationality: Russia
I believe she's one of the most popular foreigner stars in Korea right now. She regularly stars in many different TV shows including a quiz show and a dancing competition show. She got famous for her pretty looks. Her nickname is 'elf'. (In Korea, elf means 'a very pretty woman that can't possibly be a human') 

2. Sam Hammington

sam hammington korea tv star

Nationality: Australia
If you have watched The Return of Superman, the popular child parenting reality show, you will know him and his cute children(above). He started his Korean TV career in 2002 as a sports reporter, and then, a comedian. People love him because he speaks Korean very well. Now even his children are very popular with The Return of Superman.

3. Jonathan Yiombi

jonathan korean tv star youtuber

Nationality: Democratic Republic of the Congo
He's a 20-year-old YouTuber and TV star. Because he came to Korea when he was very young, he speaks Korean just like a Korean. He got famous for starring in 인간극장, an old & popular TV program which shows a life of a family, in 2013. Some of his funny video clips went viral, after that, he featured in some other TV shows. 

4. Keisung Anderson

korean tv star foreigner

Nationality: U.S.
He was born to an American father and a South Korean woman. He used to be a national athlete in his country but now he's a reporter in Korea. He stars in 6시 내고향, the 29-year-old TV program for seniors. Because the program is very popular between Korean seniors, he's loved by many old Koreans. He speaks Korean very well since he spent his childhood in Korea. 

5. Kristina Andreevna Ovchinnikova

soviet girl in seoul youtuber

Nationality: Russia
She's a popular Youtuber with 109 million subscribers. Most of her followers are Koreans because she speaks in Korean and talks about Korean culture. Most of her videos are comedy. Her vids are funny because she speaks a lot of Korean slangs in not-fluent-Korean. 



Actually, I had a excruciating time finding what to write for this week's post. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to listen to the latest episode of my podcast, The Legit Korean. You'll learn how to say 'Today is...' and 'Guys, vote!' in Korean. See you next week.




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