5 Brand-New K-Drama Recommendations

Hi, brave Korean learners! It's Ari, your friendly Korean reporter. Last week, I confessed that I'm a drama junkie. These days, I watch so many dramas that I sometimes feel like I'm in a drama, not the pandemic-stricken reality. Since I'm watching ongoing dramas, rather than binge-watching the finished ones, here's my 5 brand-new K-Drama recommendations. Let's start!

1. 카이로스 Kairos

kdrama kairos mystery thriller time travel

Genre: Time travel, Thriller

One of my favorite dramas that I'm watching right now! The story is very interesting. One day, a successful businessman's young daughter got kidnapped and killed. When he was in a total misery, he got a call from a girl who claims that his phone is hers. The mother of the girl disappears without any clue. She was devastated as well. It turned out that they were in different time zones, the man is in the future, the girl is in the past. They decide to cooperate each other to change their lives. The plot is great and the acting of the main cast actors is really good! 

😱Highly recommended for thriller lovers

2. 펜트하우스 The Penthouse: War in Life

kdrama penthouse thriller sky castle

Genre: Suspense, Drama

The hottest drama right now in South Korea! Some say that it's a mixture of Sky Castle and The World of The Married, and it's not all wrong. This drama covers extramarital affair, South Korea's deep social problems like real estate speculation and school corruption. It's about rich & evil people who are living on the most expensive penthouse apartment in Korea . Be aware that there're some explicit and violent scenes.  

💸Highly recommended if you want to know the dark side of South Korea

3. 18 어게인 18 Again

kdrama kim haneul 18 again

Genre: Romance, Time travel

Netflix available. The most popular romance drama between Korean girls now. The series ended last week. It's a remake of 17 Again, the 2009 American movie starred by Zac Afron. It's about a 37-year-old man who's getting divorced with his wife. One day, he wakes up as 18-year-old(Korean age) himself while retaining his 37-year-old mentality. He struggles to get his wife back while being a high school student. The drama is famous for the hot kiss scene which went viral in Korea. 

😍Highly recommended for romance Kdrama lovers

4. 제발 그 남자 만나지마요 Please don't date him

kdrama please don't date him

Genre: Romantic comedy, Science fiction

This is a new drama that is on air right now. The story is very interesting. It's about a woman who is a house appliance developer. As she was working on developing an AI refrigerator with voice assistant feature, the AI system lets her know that her 'perfect' fiancé was spreading her intimate pictures to his friends. After that, she meets a mysterious firefighter who has no past record on the Internet. Song Ha-Yoon, who starred in Fight for My Way is the heroine. You can also see Apink's Yoon Bo-Mi's acting. 

💔Highly recommended if you've ever been in a bad relationship

5. 한 번 다녀왔습니다 Once Again

 kdrama once again lee min jeong

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

The series is one of the highest rating Kdrama in 2020. It's Korean title literally means 'I divorced once.' It's about a family of four adult children who all divorced with their husband/wife and are living with parents now. Since this is a weekend drama, the series aired for about 6 months like most of weekend dramas until September. (Ordinary Kdrama airs for only 2 months.) Every character in this series is lovely and sweet. It's a heart-warming family drama.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧Highly recommended for Kdrama lovers who're willing to watch 100 episodes or who divorced once



Okay, it's the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed my recommendations. Since I'm a total drama addict, I will probably come back with another Kdrama recommendations in a future post. In the meantime, please don't watch too many dramas. It could take a toll on you. (I know.) 

If you're tired of watching dramas, you can always tune into my Korean culture/language practice podcast, The Legit Korean. New episode is up now. Listen to it on your go-to podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. See you! 




  • @Rich Good to hear that! The making of season 2, 3 is already decided so you’ll have many episodes to watch. Actually, the writer of Penthouse is one of the most famous drama writers in Korea. I loved her previous drama, The Last Empress. I personally think it’s much better than Penthouse.

  • Since reading this blogpost and commenting I’ve been watching Penthouse again, haha. I guess you inspired me to give it another try – and I’m hooked now.

  • Hi, Rich! Sorry for late reply. Penthouse is the no.1 popular drama right now in South Korea. People love the series cause it’s cruel 😅 But I agree that the acting is ‘over the top.’ Many Koreans watch Kdramas on Netflix. Start-up is popular between young Koreans, but Private Lives is not popular here, I think, though I heard some say that it’s a good drama. Seohyun is so pretty😍

  • Hi Ari – I watched the first couple episodes of The Penthouse, but stopped because I thought the acting was really poor – way too exaggerated, “over the top”, as we say in Engish. Also all the characters seemed so cruel. But I loved The World of the Married and Sky Castle, so maybe I’m just kinda sick of this genre now. And do many Koreans watch the kdramas on Netflix? For instance, is Start-Up popular in Korea? Or Private Lives, with Seohyun of SNSD? She’s really good in it, I think.

    Rich Lingner

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