11 Korean Hashtags to Follow on Instagram

Before starting the post, I want to say that I'm sorry for not uploading a post last week without any notice. I was busy with making A Cup of Korean worksheets and I was and am madly in love with a Japanese drama. I'll try my best not to skip posting anymore.

Today, I want to introduce you Korean hashtags you might want to follow on Instagram. If you're interested in the latest Korean culture and trends, you'll love them. Let's start!

1. #공스타그램 Study Instagram

Get motivated by over 4.7 million pics of Korean students' hard work.


2. #데일리룩 Daily Look

Young Koreans take a pic of their fashion of the day and post it with this hashtag.


3. #데일리메이크업 Daily Makeup

Take a peek at how Korean girls do makeup everyday.

4. #젤네일 Gel Nail

See how Korean girls get their nails done.


5. #여행스타그램 Travel Instagram

If you're wondering where Koreans travel, follow this hashtag and see beautiful travel pics.


6. #차박캠핑 Sleep-In-My-Car Camp

The hottest travel trend right now in the country. No hotels, just a car and camping gears.


7. #집밥스타그램 Home Meal Instagram

Are you interested in Korean food? Take a look at what Koreans eat at home.


8. #혼술 Drinking Alone

Many Koreans wrap up the day with a Soju or beer with delivery or homemade food alone at home.


9. #발색샷 Swatches

Are you a cosmetics lover? Follow this hashtag to see latest Korean cosmetics and swatches.


10. #방꾸미기 Room Decor

Take a look at how Koreans decorate their room or house.


11. #북스타그램 Book Instagram

If you're a book lover, follow this hashtag to discover Korean books!


Following Korean hashtags helps you learn not just Korean culture and trends, but also Korean language. This post is originally from my '6 Korean hashtags to follow on Instagram' post series on Instagram. Follow my Instagram for more Korean hashtags!


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