📢 LegitKon, Live Online Korean Contest is Starting!

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

Early bird ticket sale for LegitKon has just started!

🎉 The first LegitKon, TLK's live online Korean contest, is coming on Mar. 28th!

Grab a ticket and challenge yourself with fellow learners.

Ticket includes,

✔️ Live Contest: You will answer 30 questions about Korean language and culture (listening questions included) for about 40 mins during the live contest.

✔️ After-party talk: After contest, top 5 contestants will be announced and there will be a 30-min-long after-party Instagram live where we talk about the questions and answers.

✔️ Souvenir: You'll also get an E-book including all the contest questions & correct answers and the list of contestants' names (It'll be delivered via email in 3 days after the contest.)

For whom,

😆Beginners to intermediate Korean learners
😆Learners who want to test their Korean skills & culture knowledge.
😆Learners who need a motivation to study Korean for the month.

From March 1st to March 7th, you can get an early bird ticket for $20 (Hurry up!) Check out more details here. BTW, the correct answer for the question above is C 😎

🤸‍♀️ My dream as a Korean contest host

Language learning is not always rosy. It's easy to get discouraged or lose motivation to keep going, especially if you're learning on your own. I hope you don't feel alone and keep motivated to go forward. I thought a ticket for a contest could be your motivation. You can spend the month preparing for the contest that is held at the end of the month. You can challenge yourself with fellow learners. I hope LegitKon can be a party X contest for brave Korean learners.

😘 Other things to know

There's a big difference between Korean and English and you can hear about it on the latest The Legit Korean. Vaccination against COVID-19 has just started in the country. Happy, sensual, confidence-boosting K-pop playlists for you are here. And again, join LegitKon now!

Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks! 👋

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