💉 Vaccination in South Korea

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

I went to Andong last weekend and I wanted to share this pic☝ that my friend took. Andong is a place where you can enjoy many Korean traditional houses. I visited this freaking cool book cafe. Highly recommended to visit when you come to my country! And let's start today's newsletter.

😷 How is pandemic going on in Korea?

Recently, the number of coronavirus cases went up from around 400 to 600 a day. So far, the total number of cases is about 112K and the total number of death is 1,790, according to April 16th Korean government report. Though almost every Korean is wearing a mask (I've never seen a person who doesn't wear a mask outside) and private gatherings of more than 4 have been banned for months, there are places where we take off the mask like houses, restaurants, cafes, public bathes, and pubs. And these places are becoming small or medium-sized virus clusters. As the number went up, the government leveled up the social distancing measure in some areas including Seoul to 1.5 to 2 which means bars/pubs will be closed and cafes can take to-go orders only.

korean food chicken stew

(📷I had 안동 찜닭, Andong-style soy sauce chicken stew, during my trip. It's a delicious (and my favorite) Korean food! Hope you try it one day.)

💉 How is vaccination going on?

Vaccination in South Korea started late February and so far, by April 16th, the total of about 1.98 M Koreans (about 4% of population) got vaccinated. (1.37 M got once, and 60K got twice) After medical personnel got vaccinated, now senior people who're over 75 and school teachers are getting vaccinated. For young and healthy Koreans including most of Kpop idols and Kdrama stars, vaccination will start after Q3, according to the government.

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One last thing before I go, listen to the latest The Legit Korean to learn how to say 'You're such a snob!' in Korean. Thanks for your time! See you in 2 weeks! 👋

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