🎄Merry Korean Christmas!

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Hello, brave Korean learners!

I'm so excited😆 This is the first letter of Legit Korean Says, a biweekly newsletter full of legit Korean things such as K-Drama, K-Pop, Korean language and trends. 잘 부탁드립니다! (Nice to meet you!)

☕ What to buy

Since Christmas is coming, I'm obliged to show you how Christmas is like in my country. One of the first places we can feel Christmas is Starbucks. Koreans are obsessed with Starbucks' seasonal merch such as tumblers. They often get sold out and some people make 돈(money) from reselling them online.

🍰 What to eat

Koreans eat a cake for a few occasions such as 생일(birthday) and Christmas. Many local bakeries show off their Christmas cake collections and take orders from customers. Christmas cakes are popular between families with kids and couples.

kdrama horror netflix sweet home

🧟 New K-Drama I'm watching: Sweet Home

I just finished watching the first episode of the new Netflix original K-Drama, Sweet Home. The series is about anything but the title. One day, people turn into savage 괴물(monster)s and people living in an old apartment try to survive. I'm not really good at watching horror movies but I found this one okay-to-watch. So I'll probably binge-watch the 10 episodes for Christmas holiday. I love the irony of watching savage monsters in Christmas. The poster says "Sweet Home" "Die or survive as a monster." (👩‍🏫 For Korean learners: you'll learn a lot of swear words and slangs. )

📃 K-Pop lyrics I shed tears for: 어느 날 세상이 멈췄어 (Life Goes On by BTS)

I love the songs that have good lyrics. Life Goes On is one of them. The first lyrics of the song, 어느 날 세상이 멈췄어, means 'One day, the world stopped.' It sounds like the opening sentence of an apocalypse novel (and this year). It brought a lump to my throat just by reading it.

🎧 Weekly podcast, The Legit Korean

On the latest episode, you'll learn how to say 'What do you want for Christmas gift?' in Korean and how to answer it romantically. You'll also hear about where Korean couples go to celebrate the holiday.

👩‍🏫 Korean words in this newsletter

/don/ money, 생일 /saeng-il/ birthday, 괴물 /gwemul/ monster

Thanks for your time! This blog is taking a break for the next week. See you in 2021💖

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