Funny Korean Dating Culture Explained

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🍎 How Koreans spend Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of the days that Korean couples can't ignore. In the past, it used to be about girls giving chocolate to their crush or boyfriend. (It still is especially between teenagers.) But now it's more about present exchange between couples. Popular Valentine Day's gifts are an iPad, AirPods, smartphone, wallet, clothes, and bag. (I personally saw many couples present iPad and AirPods to each other. They're the most popular ones.) Korean couples tend to spend a lot of money for the special day.

πŸ’΅ Have you heard about 'bank account for dating'?

In Korea, there's a very strange date culture called, 데이트 톡μž₯ (bank account for dating): each of a couple put the same amount of money on one bank account every month and use that money for dating and giving presents to each other. It's an advanced version of going Dutch. It used to be popular only between college student couples who don't have enough money to spend on dating. Now even 30 something couples do it. Whenever 데이트 톡μž₯ posts come up on the Internet, it becomes a war zone βš”οΈ between men and women. Many Korean men favor this culture because they think it's fair while many women don't. They believe it's only good for men since, in many cases, men take out the card of the account when checking out implying that they're the ones who pay for things while, actually, it's splitted equally πŸ€”Β 

love alarm kdrama

🎬 Kdrama recommendations for Valentine's Day

What a good time to binge-watch romantic Kdramas! By yourself or with your lover, either way is fine. My first recommendation, Love Alarm ☝️, is for young couples. It's about what happens to high school students with an app that notifies people whether someone within the vicinity of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. It's available on Netflix. What I recommend for old couples is Discovery of Love. It's about love triangle between a woman, her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. Lovely, sad and very relatable story for any old couples. If you're a single who wants some romantic vibe, I have two series for you. One is What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? which is available on Netflix. It's a funny romantic story of a boss and a secretary. The chemistry between the leading actor and actress is πŸ˜‡. The other one is An Incurable Case of Love. This is a Japanese drama that I recently finished and loved so much. It's a love story of a cold doctor and a rookie nurse. Warning: It's almost strictly for women so avoid watching if you're a man.

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였늘 저녁에 μ‹œκ°„ λ˜μ„Έμš”? Do you have time this evening?

μ˜ν™” 보러 κ°ˆλž˜μš”? Would you like to go out for a movie?

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ« 3 Korean words in this letter

데이트 /deiteu/ date(romantic), 톡μž₯ /tongjang/ bank book, μ˜ν™”Β /yeung-hwa/Β movie

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  • @Chris V I love your spirit! I heard that the drama was a big-hit in Japan at the time of airing. So I bet some of your Japanese friends know about it. Always thank you for listening to my podcast and your assignments!

  • Hey! As a longtime non-native speaker of Japanese, I’ll watch the Japanese drama even if I’m a man! I can always talk about it with my Japanese female friends;)

    Otherwise, I liked learning about the dating bank account and practicing the phrases to ask someone on a date.

    Chris V

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